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Make your world a little more beautiful and help the planet too
Christmas Ornaments

As you wander through Skeleton Leaf you will discover highly attractive and decorative hand-crafted, ethically sourced products made to a high standard using natural mulberry paper. There are many beautiful and unique designs: Some are decorated with natural materials which are more usually seen as waste products e.g. banana stalk, mulberry bark, water hyacinth, coconut shell; Others are decorated in modern funky colours and patterns.

You will love them!


And apart from being beautiful, they are also inexpensive, light and easy to post. They make lovely gifts! Moreover they reflect your concerns for the environment and the welfare of other peoples.

You won't find most of our products anywhere else. Our continuous presence in Thailand allows us to select unique and rarely seen designs just for you. We work very closely with our partners there, constantly developing new and innovative designs (e.g. Gothic Mobiles, Feng Shui Mobiles). And if you have your own special requirements or designs, we can manufacture for you.

Christmas Mobile
   Mulberry (Saa) Paper

Mulberry (or saa) paper is made from fibres extracted from the bark of the mulberry tree. The mulberry tree is indigenous to Thailand and Laos where it grows abundantly in mountainous areas. Moreover, it is very fast growing, allowing it to be harvested every year. This makes its use for paper very friendly to the environment.

Mulberry paper is very beautiful due to its long fibres and can be manufactured into a wide range of thicknesses, styles and colours. It is also resistant to attack by insects and natural skin acids.


Skeleton Leaf practises the fundamental principles of Fair Trade and only forms partnerships with Thai suppliers who guarantee good working conditions and fair rates of pay. Respect for the environment and local customs are also very important to us as they are to you.

We supply both Retail Customers and Wholesale Customers.

Retail Customers: Retail customers are very welcome. To order products, please call Dave on 07884 070861 or email to info@skeletonleaf.co.uk. No minimum order.

Wholesale Customers: Wholesale customers are, of course, very welcome too. To order, simply call 07884 070861 to speak to Dave or email to info@skeletonleaf.co.uk. Minimum order: £50.

Information. If you wish to know more about styles, availability, delivery times or custom orders, please call 07884 070861 to speak to Dave or email to info@skeletonleaf.co.uk. Alternatively call 0066 86768 3242 (Thai No.) and ask for Mike or email to mike@skeletonleaf.co.uk.


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